Red Oaks

Six northern red oaks (Quercus rubra) were planted last fall. These were selected to match the mature oaks on the west side of the park that were planted as memorial trees shortly after World War One.

All of the trees were supplied with 20-gallon watering bags. These should be filled weekly during the first two years after planting if there has been less than one inch of rain during the previous week. Two of the bags are now missing from the trees adjacent to the smaller playground. These will have to be replaced.

Grass has been planted around the perimeter of the park. Sufficient mulched area around the oaks should be left to reduce competition with the grass for water. Proper edging or fencing should be placed around the trees to prevent grass from entering the mulched area and to prevent mowers or weed eaters from damaging the trees. Grass has been planted too close to the easternmost existing oak and should be removed carefully. This oak and all the newly-planted oaks should be surrounded by 3-4 feet diameter of mulch, with 4×4 post or similar edging placed around them.


The deteriorating asphalt sidewalks through the center of the park have been replaced with concrete sidewalks.

Fencing and Gates

The park’s existing iron fencing and gates along Washington Street, Beekman Avenue, and Pocantico Street have been retained.

Apparently due to swelling of the ground during spring, when the soil’s moisture content is the highest, the eastern set of gates along Beekman Avenue no longer close properly. In the fall, one gate did not fully close. As of March, 2011, neither gate will close. The gate should be modified so that it closes properly.

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