The Pocantico River watershed encompasses approximately 10,000 acres (approximately 16 square miles) within portions of the Towns of Ossining, Mount Pleasant, and New Castle and the Villages of Briarcliff Manor and Sleepy Hollow.  The River runs from New Castle and discharges into the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow.

SHEAC is collecting data about the Pocantico for use by students, researchers, and the general public.

Delineation of the Pocantico Watershed (Westchester County Department of Planning)

2 Responses to “Pocantico River”

  1. Darwin Stapleton Says:

    I fish the Pocantico River regularly. It has an abundance of small fish, of several species. Except for the trout stocked in the Pocantico State Park Preserve, only the Yellow Perch reach a size worth the frying pan.

    It seems to me that the critical elements in the lower part of the Pocantico watershed are the Pocantico Lake (which is an undeveloped state park), Swan Lake, and the unnamed swamp in Briarcliff bordered by 9A and the Taconic Parkway. These provide some moderation of water flow, and provide protected wintering and breeding places for the populations for most species of fish and for many aquatic food sources.

    However, the Pocantico River watershed is threatened by the enormous quantities of fertlizers, pesticides and illegal sewage drainages in the increasingly suburbanized areas of the watershed. The river literally smells during July – September, and in periods of low water is clogged with algae blooms. It is a wonder that the fish survive.

  2. […] 22 acre Swan Lake was created by impounding a tributary of the Pocantico River (a tributary of the Hudson […]

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