Updates on Mallory Battery Cleanup

November 16, 2011

On Monday, November 7, a meeting was held at the Sleepy Hollow High School Auditorium concerning the ongoing testing and eventual cleanup of Mercury left behind from the former Mallory Battery Plant in downtown Sleepy Hollow.

The purpose of the meeting was to show the extent of the contamination caused by the old Mallory battery plant’s fans which spread mercury into downtown Sleepy Hollow. The plant has long since been torn down and paved over to create a parking lot at the southeast corner of Elm Street and Andrews Lane. However, contaminants from the plant’s operations remain in the neighborhood.

In conjunction with the state, the Village of Sleepy Hollow and the Gillette corporation, testing has been conducted on a number of properties to gauge the extent of mercury and lead contamination in the area. As a result of the initial tests, state officials noted that 76 properties near the former plant will have to be cleaned of mercury. More soil tests will be conducted as part of a second phase of testing. The second phase will involve some houses within the phase one testing boundary (see photo below) and some residences outside of the phase one testing boundary. Those properties should receive notification from the state requesting permission to test their properties.

During the meeting state health and environmental officials announced that mercury levels will be cleaned to levels of 4.8 parts per million. This is higher that the state’s recommended mercury levels of 1.2 parts per million in soils, however, State Health officials said at the meeting that concentrations of mercury at 4.8ppm would not be considered a health risk. Lead contamination, which can not be attributed to the battery plant according to state officials, will not be cleaned. It will be up to individual property owners to clean the lead from their properties if they wish to do so. Health concerns about lead should be directed to the Department of Health.

If you have a property near the former Mallory Battery Plant, you are advised to get in touch with the Village who can in turn point you to the necessary officials in charge of soil testing. The Sleepy Hollow Environmental Advisory Council encourages all concerned citizens in the area to reach out to the Village if they have questions regarding their property.

See photos below which were taken from the report presented on Nov. 7, 2011. You can find the whole report in downloadable form below, along with news articles about the meeting.

Location of the former Mallory Battery Plant in relation to the rest of the Village.

The phase 1 investigation included most of the properties within the yellow boundary indicated above. If your home is within this boundary, but was not tested, contact the Village of Sleepy Hollow.

This image show areas that were tested for lead and mercury contamination. Lead will not be cleaned up as part of the remedial work in the area. Those who are concerned about lead levels should consult the Department of Health.


You can download the entire 114mb report in .pdf form from the Village of Sleepy Hollow website. Click here to download the .pdf file. The document is also available at the Warner Library.


For reporting on the investigation and upcoming remedial work you can see the latest news from these local news sources:

Sleepy Hollow Patch

The Daily Sleepy Hollow

The Journal News

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